Writers WRITE cards

for writers who need a nudge
set of 13 exclusive designs

$20.00 USD
+ $5 shipping

set of 13 exclusive designs
**with 15 envelopes**

$30.00 USD
+ $5 shipping

Only  7   6 sets available
(more on the way!)


  • 1 each of 13 exclusive designs
  • 5″ x 7″ cards fit standard photo frames
  • Durable white cardstock
  • Optional: 15 Envelopes (white)
  • Ships Priority Mail from Bowie, Maryland
  • Ships in 3-5 business days
  • Ships to USA only (for now)
old and new school typewriter designs
a set of 13 cards with 13 loving nudges especially for writers
flat cards can be pinned up or used as notecards (they're blank on the back)

Writing much?

Yeah, I get it.

Need a nudge?

Well, I’ve got that, too…

This baker’s dozen of cards was created for writers by a writer (me!).

And were these punny messages sweated over at my desk with a rigid back and a furrowed brow?

Hell no!

They were scribbled out while soaking in a hot bath with splashing and giggles and a cackle or two. A soggy and silly origin…like most great ideas ;-)

Trusting that writing early, often, and a lot matters more than what we write, the 13 motivating messages span the nudge spectrum from soft poke to kick in the ass

  • it’s always the WRITE time
  • too hot? too cold? just WRITE
  • stop searching. the answers are WRITE here
  • keep going. it will turn out WRITE
  • relax. you’ll get it WRITE
  • what are you waiting for? do it WRITE AWAY
  • are you in your WRITE mind?
  • WRITE ON, man
  • do what’s WRITE (then do what’s left)
  • take your time do it WRITE
  • always do the WRITE thing
  • when you reach the end of the road take a WRITE
  • enough stalling. do it WRITE NOW

These sturdy cards are flat, not folded, so you can pin them to your fridge, bulletin board, storyboard, or vision board.

And blank on the back for scrawling an encouraging note to mail to a writerly friend. Or to yourself, yeh?

  • 13 cards. 13 messages. 5″ x 7″ (just right for framing).
  • Sturdy white cardstock printed in goldenrod and deep navy.
  • Envelopes optional. 13 white envelopes + 2 extra just cuz.
  • LePen not included ;-)

Ship within 3-5 business days via USPS Priority Mail with tracking. Only within the USA (for now).

Writers WRITE cards

13 cards. 13 different nudges.

$20.00 USD + $5 shipping


Writers WRITE cards + 15 envelopes

13 cards. 13 different nudges.

$30.00 USD + $5 shipping


  • Ships within 3-5 business days
  • Via USPS Priority Mail with tracking
  • Ships within USA only


  • Not happy with your cards? Return the full set within 14 days and I’ll refund your purchase price minus shipping ($5) via PayPal. Please note that you’re responsible for the cost of return shipping.